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Mary-Lou Weisman’s most recent book is Al Jaffee’s Mad Life, (Harper Collins, 2010). She is a prize winning journalist and best-selling author. She began her writing career as a freelance writer and columnist, most notably for The Atlantic Monthly, the New Republic and The New York Times.

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Traveling While Married

Traveling While Married (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill) is a gender-driven, book of humorous essays covering a lifetime of travel a deux, from honeymoon to Elderhostel, including, among many others, an essay on packing

“She compensates for not knowing what to take by taking everything she owns”

another about whether or not to travel with another couple

“Now that you are four, it is twice as likely that someone will lose a passport or leave their prescription drugs in the last hotel”

and another on how to be a summer house guest.

“An SUV-full of zucchini from your garden is not a welcome hostess gift and will be considered a hostile, provocative act.”

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Traveling While Married

Praise for Traveling While Married:

Mary-Lou Weisman may just be the Erma Bombeck of travel writing. For, like Bombeck, she offers sage advice, generously laced with frequent dollops of humor.

~ Jack Severson, The Philadelphia Inquirer